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Proper and Safe – Auto Glass Replacement in Peterborough

Windshield chips, scratches, cracks or any other damage compromise your windshield’s ability to properly fulfill its designed safety features. Today’s vehicles are designed to keep passengers safe.

The windshield, side windows and other auto glass components of your vehicle are part of its safety restraint system. Today's windshield, for example, provides 70% of your protection in a rollover accident. Properly installed, it will keep the roof from crushing in on you. Windshields and side windows can prevent occupant ejection.

At Four Seasons Auto Glass Ltd., you can count on the job being done right the first time by our experienced technicians. We pay meticulous attention to detail  taking the time and care necessary to do the job properly. Your safety is top priority! We appreciate the opportunity to serve you!

Over the years we have replaced thousands of windshields, back glass, door glass and all other auto glass you can think of. Our experience enables us to repair or replace damaged auto glass efficiently, using the most current installation techniques and the industry’s highest quality fast-cure urethane guaranteeing the original structural integrity of the vehicle while repairing an essential part of your vehicle’s safety system. Following the guidelines established by the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council (AGRSS). Your safety depends on it.

Urethane Bonding Systems

We use the most advanced materials that meet or exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FVMSS). Your safety depends on it. Our installers utilize glass preparation products to chemically prepare and prime the glass bonding surface to eliminate bond degradation on your vehicle. Body primer is also applied to the painted surface of your vehicle to promote adhesion of the replacement glass to the body. This ensures that the structural integrity of your vehicle is maintained.

There are many products available to auto glass replacement shops with varying specifications and results. We never compromise safety and use only factory-approved urethanes, specifically using Dow BETASEAL™ One and Sika® urethanes. These high-tech products are high-modulus; non-conductive advanced-cure urethane adhesive with enhanced chemical cross linking to speed bonding for safe drive away time (SDAT) temperatures down to -17 C.

Dow Automotive Systems
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No-Obligation Quotes

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